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Daphne App & Book

D.A.PH.N.E driving app for Apple iPhone makes it easy to learn to drive whatever your learning style. Give it a try! The first lessons FREE.

Our new easy to understand book is also available for purchase at a special discount! Get yours today.

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Learn how to drive with D.A.PH.N.E

D.A.PH.N.E driving app for iphones makes it easy to learn to drive whatever your learning style. With our unique blend of audio, text and Video in 10 lessons you'll cover everything you need to know. Give it a try! The first lessons FREE.

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Save £££s on Driving fees.

Using our unique app.

People say 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating'. Before you take any lessons give our free first lesson a try and see just how much you can learn with D.A.PH.N.E.

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Driving App for PHones a New Era - DAPHNE

You have your phone with you all the time. Why not use it to learn to drive!? Anywhere, Anytime. With D.A.PH.N.E - Learn to drive. It's possible!

Why choose D.A.PH.N.E?

Simple. Fast. Intuitive.

Learn to drive at the time and in a way that suits you. Only 5 minutes. Take a quick lesson.

Learn by listening.

As you drive, listen to instructions. Its like having your own personal driving instructor.

Track your progress

As you progress through the videos, text or audio. Your progress is updated

Learn exactly what you need

Taking lessons? Finding a subject difficult. Use our app to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

What Can D.A.PH.N.E Teach You

lesson 1

Controls Lesson

Recognising the safety requirements for setting the car up for you to drive safely, i,e making sure the doors are closed properly before driving; setting the seats and steering wheel; fastening the seatbelt and setting the mirrors correctly.

lesson 2

Moving Off And Stopping

You will be able to move off and stop the car safely. Also, you will be taught to confidently use clutch control which is the foundation of driving

lesson 3


This lesson will show you how to control the car at a slow speed and strengthen your moving off and stopping. It will give you the confidence of parking your car safely.

lesson 4

Use Of Mirrors And Use Of Signal

This lesson will enable you to know what distance to give signals from and you will be able to understand to read signals and demonstrate them. You will learn to use your mirrors effectively to prevent accidents.

lesson 5


You will be able to familiarise yourself with the gears going through the ratios up and down. You will be able to recognise when to stop at specific lines i.e. give way and stop lines.

lesson 6

Cross Roads and Roundabouts

Learn all about crossroads and recognising the difference between turning right using the nearside and offside positions. At the roundabouts you will learn how to position the car safely and correctly according to which exit you are going to.

lesson 7

Anticipation And Planning

Understand the difference between pedestrian crossings controlled by traffic lights or a person and crossings which are uncontrolled where people will decide for themselves whether to cross. You will be able to identify these crossings upon approach and know how to deal with them safely.

lesson 8

Emergency Stop

To help you to stop safely in an emergency and resume driving when it is safe to do so. You will be able to deal with different types of skidding and how to prevent them.

lesson 9

Traffic And Adequate Clearance

Developing the skills required to learn when and who to give priority to first. You will learn how to avoid collisions with other vehicles and objects.

lesson 10

Dual Carriageway and Overtaking

Give you more support to join and leave dual carriageways (dealing with slip roads). You will be able to read the signs and recognise when to change lanes. Through the use of changing gears in ‘blocks’ you will be more economical. You will also learn when it is necessary, safe and legal to overtake vehicles. This lesson will be a lead-up lesson to Motorway Driving.

D.A.PH.N.E Preview

Unsure about how the D.A.PH.N.E learning system works. Check out the previews for our app.

Choose how you want to learn

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We all have different ways of learning effectively. Choose the best way for you with a combination of Audio, Video or Text.

Viewing progress

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Track your lesson progress as you complete the videos, text and audio. Its easy to learn with D.A.PH.N.E

List of lessons available

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With our selection of lessons you choose what you want to learn. Wether you want to prep before your first lesson or you have never been good at junctions. D.A.PH.N.E can help.

Grab your first free lesson

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Select a lesson. Preview the content. Grab the lesson!

Choose a screen

  • Choose how you want to learn

  • Viewing progress

  • List of lessons available

  • Grab your first free lesson

Want to improve your driving? Learning to drive? Want to learn to drive? Get DAPHNE today.

The first lessons free!


User reviews


save me loads of money on driving lessons. Im going to tell all my friends"


"This app is a great idea. I can't wait for the release"


"I'm a trainee teacher. This covers all aspects of learning... Definitely something to get"

About D.A.PH.N.E


As a driving instructor and trainer I have firsthand experience of how students learn. I noticed that the app store doesn't really have anything that can help a student to master driving effectively. So I created D.A.PH.N.E (pronounced daphne).

The aim was to have a virtual instructor that would guide and teach you everything you need to know about driving. Why? Every year people spend £1000's learning to drive. For just £10 or less they can learn all the techniques, tips and tricks.

The result, you need fewer lessons with an instructor. Saving you time and money. I hope D.A.PH.N.E can help you too.


DAPHNE or D.A.PH.N.E certainly doesnt seem like the name of driving app. Why did we choose DAPHNE? The acronym stands for Driving App for PHones in a New Era. For far too long people have relied on the old method of learning. Using a driving instructor. Having them teach you how to drive with great expense to yourself.

But what if you could use your iphone to make the process simpler, easier and cheaper for the learner, combining the knowledge of a driving instructor into an App. Thats what we have done with D.A.PH.N.E! We have created a driving app for the 21st century a way to learn that fits our busy lives. We hope you enjoy D.A.PH.N.E as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Whats Next

We would love to make D.A.PH.N.E an even better driving app. We would love your comments or suggestions on any bugs or problems that you find. We want to know of anything that we can change or improve.